Pro-wrestling prepares for the senate

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Last week’s election saw a contested race between a Democrat and a WWE tycoon. Which got me thinking – to what extent does pro-wrestling prepare for the Senate? Or perhaps, the more fruitful question might be, how can modern-day politics be compared to spectator sports, and modern-day partisanship to spectator rivalries? « Read the rest of this entry »


Trick or treat? The Halloween gift economy

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Anyone who says good fences make good neighbors has probably lived next to people like the boys down the hall from me. Although I often tolerated the mess in the bathroom left by the boys across the hall, I never actually interacted with the boys themselves. I was perfectly happy within the confines of my five-bedroom, seven-mate suite, all of whom I chose my sophomore year and continue to love immensely. This is a common phenomenon — strong relations with the “neighbors” you choose and nonexistent relations with those you don’t. With so much choice and freedom, compounded with social mobility, social networks, and ease of transportation, modern residents can escape the outdated convention of neighborly relations. Even at Yale, who on Lynwood, Edgewood, or any of the other streets teeming with undergrads can claim to know, or to have good relationships, with all of his neighbors? Who can even claim to know all of the “neighbors” in his entryway? « Read the rest of this entry »